Tax Help For Expats

  • Inheritance tax planning

    Inheritance tax planning

    Inheritance tax is levied upon death and some lifetime gifts. UK domiciled individuals are liable to inheritance tax on their worldwide estate whereas non-domiciled individuals are liable to inheritance tax on their UK estate. This article explores strategies to prepare for, reduce or completely eliminate inheritance tax. Read more

  • Tax Efficient Investments

    Tax Efficient Investments

    In the UK, there are numerous tax-efficient options to optimise your UK tax bill. Pension contributions offer considerable tax reliefs. Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) provide tax exemptions for incomes and gains. Premium Bonds offer tax-free prizes, while utilising tax-free allowances can aid in minimising taxable incomes and gains. Spousal transfers can help utilise tax-free allowances. Read more

  • US Expat Tax

    US Expat Tax

    The US taxation system imposes taxes on its citizens’ worldwide incomes, irrespective of where they reside. Consequently, US expats in the UK must pay tax in both countries, potentially leading to double taxation. To mitigate double taxation, they can explore multiple tax strategies. Read more

  • Working Abroad

    Working Abroad

    UK employees considering relocating overseas may still be liable for UK tax, unless they achieve non-resident status, allowing them to minimise or avoid UK tax on their employment income. It is possible to receive employment income tax free should a non-resident status be achieved. Read more

  • Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF)

    Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF)

    The Worldwide Disclosure Facility (WDF) allows taxpayers with undisclosed income to update their affairs with HMRC on favorable terms. GTC can manage the disclosure process on behalf of clients. Read more

  • Double Taxation Agreement

    Double Taxation Agreement

    Double taxation agreements are international legislation aimed to protect taxpayers from being taxed twice on the same income in different countries. GTC offers assistance with these claims to minimise your UK tax bill. Read more

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