Tax Help For Expats

  • Voluntary National Insurance

    Voluntary National Insurance

    Expatriates wishing to continue building their UK state pension entitlement should make voluntary national insurance contributions. Application is via HMRC form CF83. GTC can offer assistance regarding the form. Read more

  • Leaving the UK

    Leaving the UK

    UK nationals living overseas may still need to pay taxes to HMRC if they continue to receive UK incomes. GTC offers services to assist with non-resident tax planning and compliance. Read more

  • The Remittance Basis

    The Remittance Basis

    The UK tax system allows non-domiciled residents to exclude their foreign incomes and gains from UK taxation using the remittance basis, as long as these funds are kept offshore permanently. Global Tax Consultants (GTC) offers advice on remittance basis planning. Read more

  • Selling your family home

    Selling your family home

    When selling a UK home, you need to consider capital gains tax, irrespective of where you are living. Sellers may be required to complete an online property return for HMRC within 60 days of sale. Read more

  • Domicile Status

    Domicile Status

    Domicile status may enable you to minimise exposure to UK taxation. The special tax regime ‘the remittance basis’ excludes foreign incomes from UK taxation for non-domiciles, while UK domiciles are taxed on worldwide incomes. GTC offers domicile assessment services and can assist non-domiciles with tax planning. Read more

  • UK Resident Status

    UK Resident Status

    UK resident status is determined by the Statutory Residence Test created by HMRC. Your resident status impacts your UK tax obligations and thus, management of your resident status is crucial in controlling exposure to UK taxation. GTC helps with resident tax planning and assists with expat UK tax affairs. Read more

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