Our expat tax planning service will answer your UK tax questions, provide strategies to lower your UK tax bill and ensure you remain compliant with UK tax law.

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Our tax planning consultations will answer your UK tax questions, provide tips & tricks to lower your tax bill and ultimately, ensure that you are comfortable with your UK tax affairs.

Leaving the UK
Non-resident taxation

We will discuss how your incomes and gains will be taxed in the UK upon achieving a non-resident status.

Moving to the UK
Non-domicile taxation

We will discuss how to use your non-dom status to exempt foreign incomes & gains from UK taxation.

Digital nomad
Digital nomad taxation

We will discuss how international taxation works as a global non-resident.


GTC exclusively focus on personal tax matters

Employment income
Self-employment income
Pension income
Investment income
Investment income
Selling property
Property gains
Selling assets
Share gains

Are you planning a move abroad but don’t know where to start?

Our tax consultation service will dive into the details of your unique situation and provide you with personalised advice.


How long is the consultation?

We offer 30 minute consultations which is usually enough time to address your questions. If your situation is complex or you have lots of questions, we may need 60 minutes. Please get in contact with us prior to booking the call and we will let you know if extra time is needed to answer your questions.

Will you address my specific questions?

Yes, you can include your questions in the link to book the call.

I want to use the remittance basis, can you help?

Yes, we can discuss remittance basis planning during the call including the steps you need to take to maximise and retain remittance basis benefits.

What are GTC’s tax planning fees?

Our tax planning consultations are fixed at £200 for 30 minutes.

Our fees are disclosed in our engagement letter and scope of services and you will only be charged if you decide to proceed with our services.

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