Dealing with HMRC

HMRC representation service

Get a professional UK tax advisor to liaise and negotiate with HMRC on your behalf.


Our representation service is designed to manage your personal affairs with HMRC.

If you have outstanding matters with HMRC, our representation service enables us to liaise with HMRC directly, progress chase and negotiate settlements. GTC are a tax agent of HMRC and this generally leads to a quicker response.

Penalty appeal

You have late filing penalties or late payment penalties levied on your self-assessment record.

Offshore income

You have undeclared foreign income and wish to bring your affairs up to date with HMRC.

Rental income

You have undeclared rental income and wish to bring your affairs up to date with HMRC.


We recommend this service if you have outstanding matters with HMRC, such as:

Expats living in the UK who have undeclared foreign income who wish to agree a settlement with HMRC.

Expats living overseas who have undeclared UK rental income who wish to agree a settlement with HMRC.

Taxpayers wishing to appeal a penalty levied in respect of a self-assessment tax return.

GTC are here to provide you with quality tax preparation services and personalised consultations tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you’re an expat looking for expert guidance to reduce your UK tax exposure, manage your UK tax obligations and mitigate dual taxation we’ve got you covered.

Complete this form and a GTC advisor will be in touch to guide you through the next steps.


What is the standard turnaround time?

We will contact HMRC within 5 working days from the date that we are appointed as your tax advisor.

How can I appoint GTC as my tax advisor?

We will request access to your tax account and HMRC will send you a code in the post. Once you advise us of this code, it will take 72 hours to access your tax account.

How will you respond to HMRC?

We will respond via telephone call or letter depending on the type of request.

What are GTC’s representation fees?

On the basis that the circumstances of each case will vary, we do not offer a fixed fee for our representation service.

Our fee is £200 for 30 minutes and we will estimate the time that we anticipate it will take us to close the matter in our engagement letter.

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