Estimate your UK tax bill

UK Tax calculation service

Our UK tax calculation service will determine your future UK tax bill to help you plan ahead and manage cash flow.


Our tax calculation service is designed to help you get ahead and avoid unexpected surprises come 31 January.

If you are moving overseas or have a change in circumstances, our calculation service will forecast your future tax bill so you have peace of mind and can start setting funds aside on a monthly basis to fund your tax bill.

Share sale

The UK has share matching rules that must be used to calculate the capital gain.

Property sale

You may qualify for relief if the property was your main residence or you live abroad.

Moving to the UK

Your global incomes and gains will become taxable unless you use the remittance basis.


We recommend this service when there are changes to your personal circumstances that will impact your tax position, such as:

Expats moving to the UK who wish to understand their exposure to UK taxation.

Investors selling shares or property who are seeking to mitigate their UK tax bill.

GTC are here to provide you with quality tax preparation services and personalised consultations tailored to your unique needs.

Whether you’re an expat looking for expert guidance to reduce your UK tax exposure, manage your UK tax obligations and mitigate dual taxation we’ve got you covered.

Complete this form and a GTC advisor will be in touch to guide you through the next steps.


What is the standard turnaround time?

We will provide the tax calculation to you within 10 working days upon receipt of complete information.

Does the calculation include all incomes and gains?

Yes the calculation includes all incomes and gains as we need to have the full picture, in order to estimate your upcoming tax bill.

Can you estimate my tax bill using the remittance basis?

Yes we will prepare both arising basis and remittance basis calculations and advise which basis will give the best tax result.

What are GTC’s tax calculation fees?

Our minimum tax calculation fee is £250 and the fee will depend on the volume and complexity of your incomes and gains.

Our fees are disclosed in our engagement letter and scope of services and you will only be charged if you decide to proceed with our services.

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